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Rule #100: Rules were made to be broken.Once Upon a Time, Updated Final

“Callie… I want to make love to you.”

“Abrupt and to the point. How Julian of you.” She smiled. “It also works out really well, since I want to make love to you, too.”

A frown touched his brow and though she attempted to smooth it away, it remained. “I need to make sure you’re not doing this out of misplaced grief.”

Of all the things she’d expected him to say, this came last on the list. In fact, it didn’t even hit the list. “Of course I’m not, Julian. Why would you think that?”

“Because of what you said the first time we kissed.”

She struggled to remember, a difficult proposition since embarrassment colored her memory of that night. It was her turn to wrinkle her brow. “I remember you attempted to comfort me and I totally misread the situation. And I remember kissing you. I particularly remember a certain amount of deliciousness, followed by an even greater amount of mortification. But I can’t remember ever telling you I was kissing you out of grief.”

“You claimed you were an emotional wreck because of Maudie. You were such a wreck your emotions got all confused. And that’s why you kissed me.”

Heat flooded her face, the memory returning in all its hideous detail. That wasn’t all she’d said. She’d also claimed she’d rubbed herself all over him because her emotions were so confused. She closed her eyes. “Could you maybe not stare at me while I tell you this next part.”

“Confession time?”

She nodded. “You’re still staring.”

“How do you know? Your eyes are closed.”

“Because I’m still blushing. That means you’re still staring.”

“Okay, my eyes are closed.”

She peeked at him. They weren’t closed at all. Even worse, he grinned down at her. “Liar.”

“I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Shall I assume you kissed me for some reason other than grief?”

“You may assume anything you please,” she offered grandly. “I will say, I don’t normally ease my sadness by kissing. I ease sadness by eating chocolate.”

“I believe you compared my kisses to chocolate.”

“There’s no comparison.” She cleared her throat, obligated to admit, “Your kisses taste much better than any chocolate I’ve ever eaten.”

His smile faded, replaced by a warmth and passion more blistering than the spill of sunshine. “Tell me why you want to make love to me. Explain so there’s no more misunderstandings.”

“I can tell you, quite definitively, it’s not out of grief,” she whispered.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

She linked her hands behind his neck. “Does that mean you’re going to make love to me now?”

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