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Welcome to the King-Daddy of Cowboys Blog Hop. There are 5 stops on the blog hop. At each stop, one of the authors from the LOVE ME SOME COWBOY anthology will tell you a little about their hero and why he is the “King-Daddy of Cowboys.” Read the blog and leave a comment. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the greater your chances of winning the grand prize, a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Smaller prizes will be available at each stop along the way.

At each stop, one author will describe the hero of their book. Telling you who would play them in the movie, and some interesting tidbits about their hero. Let us know what you think of the hero.

Good luck, and have fun!


Holt Winston’s Look-alike…Johnny Depp

There is no question that Holt Winston, hero extraordinaire of Once Upon a Cowboy, should win the prize of King Daddy of Cowboys.  First, he’s drop-dead gorgeous.  Second, he’s a dead-ringer for Johnny Depp.  I mean, he should win the prize just for that alone.  

But in case that’s not enough for some of you fence-sitters out there, here are a few more facts about Holt which will absolutely tip the scales in his favor.  Hell, it should destroy the scales altogether.  Allow me to introduce…Holt Winston.

Holt:  Howdy, ma’am.  [Politely tips his Stetson]

Day:  Welcome, Holt.  I understand you’re vying for the title of King Daddy of Cowboys.

Holt:  It’s a tough title to uphold.  But I believe I can handle it.

Day:  In order to be King Daddy, I understand you must have a motto.  What’s yours?

Holt:  A cowboy–a real cowboy–is always true to his horse, true to his woman, and true to his word.  No other motto will do.

Day:  Oh.  Wow.  And why is that?

Holt:  Because it means you never compromise the safety of those in your care.  I protect what’s mine.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s my woman, my horse, Loco, my stock, or the people who come to stay at my ranch.  I won’t let harm come to them.  And that’s a promise.


A cowboy–a real cowboy–is always true to his horse, true to his woman, and true to his word. No other motto will do.

Day:  Is it getting hot in here?  I swear it’s getting hot in here.  I think the temperature just jumped ten degrees or so.
Holt:  If we’re done, I have work to do.  You don’t get to be King Daddy of Cowboys by sitting on your backside.
Day:  Just a couple more questions.  If you wouldn’t mind telling us…  What’s the last thing you take off at night?
Holt:  [Rearing back a step or two]  What sort of fool question is that, woman?
Day:  Sorry, I have to ask.  It’s one of the factors people take into consideration.
Holt:  [Grudgingly]  I’d think you’d know without asking.  Last thing I take off at night is my hat.  And sometimes not even then.  Gotta protect a good hat, ya know.  Now seriously, I have fence to ride.
Day:  Last question, I promise.  What do you love most about Cami Greenbush?  [Heroine in Once Upon a Cowboy]


Leave me alone. I’m busy countin’ freckles.

Holt:  [sighs]  Lord help me, those itty-bitty freckles of hers.  They’re scattered clear across the cutest nose this side of forever.  All twenty-three of ’em.  When she stares up at me with those big, Texas bluebonnet eyes of hers and all those big black curls start blowing in the breeze, a’twitchin’ and bewitchin’ a man, I start counting those freckles of hers and lose all track of who I am and where I need to be.  [Frowns and slams his Stetson more firmly on his head.]  Don’t know what made me say that.  Now enough jawing.  I have freckles to count.  I mean, cattle to round up.

Day:  I thought it was fence to ride.

Holt:  Hell with it.  Pretty day like today, a man deserves a couple hours to go and count a few freckles.  Nothing wrong with a King Daddy doin’ a bit of countin’ on occasion.  [Stomps off.]

There you have it.  In my opinion, Holt deserves to win the title of King Daddy of Cowboys.  Hope you agree!  Please leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of one of my digital books–your choice!  It can even be for an upcoming digital release–Once Upon a Jinx, Once Upon an Enchantment, or the next Dante Legacy title.

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