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Train Show

January 17, 2015

This was the model train show we attended in Raleigh, NC.  It was SO much fun!  And as you can see, the crowds were crazy!

2014 iPhone photos 146 2014 iPhone photos 145


The Move to Charlotte, NC

July 2014

Required a bit of work, but we’re thoroughly enjoying Charlotte.  What a gorgeous city!  And we really love our new home, which we share with my son and daughter-in-law and (between us) three dogs!  And yes, my license plate does read: Luv2rite!

House photos 361

Front of house (obviously!)

House photos 377

Back of house







I don’t have one place where I write.  I tend to move around.

The office on the left is the sitting area off our bedroom and overlooks the backyard and the woods beyond that.  The office on the right is at the front of the house, right by the front door.  When I’m feeling sociable (rarely), I use that one!

2014 iPhone photos 096

My office where I hide away!

2014 iPhone photos 086

My “public” office.


An Unexpected Snow Storm

House photos 022 House photos 030February 2014


This is our house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Always fun to have those rare snow storms!

Can you see Yoda on the left?  He loves the snow!


Drivers…  Start. Your. Engines!

These are a few shots snapped with my cell phone from the September 7, 2013 Richmond, VA Federated Auto Parts 400.

Nascar Race 001Nascar Race 005Very exciting race with huge controversy regarding rumors that Clint Boyer’s spun on Lap 395 in order to put Martin Truex, Jr. into the Chase.




Drivers pitting unnecessarily in order to knock Jeff Gordon out and help Joey Logano get in.

Nascar Race 007

Nascar Race 010

Totally. Phenomenal. Race!

Met Yoda, you have

This is our dog, Yoda, a Lhasa Apso.

Isn’t he adorable? And check out those pale blue eyes!

He’s a great dog, though rather territorial, which makes it tough for the first week or so when we take in a foster dog.

Lay down, Sally

And this was our first foster dog, Sally.

She’s a wonderful walking tree hound who was emaciated and practically hairless when the SPCA took her in. They turned her over to us and we gave her Epsom salt baths to help heal her sores and allow her hair to grow back. You can see where she still has one little bald patch on her elbow. She’s the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world and once “shined up” a loving family adopted her.

So now she’s a family pet who gets tons of love and affection!

Having a hoot

This is a baby screech owl. The photo was taken from our deck, about 6-10 feet from the owl house.

Every spring we have screech owls nest here and they produce between 2-3 young. This year there were 2 and they sit in the opening and bob up and down until they’re ready to fledge.

Aren’t they adorable?

We live in a maritime forest and this is one of the marvelous advantages of living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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