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USA Today Bestselling Author, Day Leclaire

USA Today Bestselling Author, Day Leclaire

This has been an unbelievably tough year and I don’t think I could have gotten through it without the overwhelming support of my family, my friends, and my readers.  Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding following the unexpected death of my mom.

You have all been so kind in your support and encouragement during the move we recently made which added to the delay in releasing the books I promised you.  Please know that they are coming, that I am once again actively writing, and that I very much appreciate your sticking with me through these difficult months.

I’m very sorry to announce that at this time I am not working on Forever Dante.  I was in the middle of writing this book when my mom died and I haven’t had the heart to return to it.  Instead, I’ve turned my attention to other projects. (Please visit my Project Status Page) for more information.  I am truly sorry!  I will return to The Dante Legacy as soon as possible. I am truly sorry!

I hope you will take a moment to sign up for my newsletter.  You’ll receive advance notification of my releases, contests open only to newsletter subscribers, and special deals.

Finally… I love hearing from you, whether it’s on Facebook, through Twitter or email, or via the comment page on this website. Each and every communication I receive, I answer. If you don’t hear back from me within a reasonable length of time, I didn’t receive it, so nudge me and I’ll reply. You are important to me – you’ve been there for me during the early stages of my writing career – and if you have burning questions, I want to be there for you and answer them.

Thank you!


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