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October 16, 2015 — With one knee replacement surgery behind me (August), my second will be on November 10th. Unfortunately, the recovery has impacted my planned release schedule, so please bear with me.  Here is the current plan:

Upcoming Releases:

Early January 2016:  Once Upon an Enchantment, final book in The Wacky Women Series.

March 2016:  The Sinful Seduction, Book #4 in The Sinful Secret Series/The Inheritance series (combined)

Mid-2016:  The Dragon Brides: Fire, a four-part serial

Late 2016:  Forever Dante, final Dante book

Click here to read the first chapter of Scorched, Part 1 of The Dragon Brides: Fire!

 Coming in 2016!

The Dragon Brides

One of my writing dreams has been to write a fantasy romance series, one with dragons and shapeshifters and fairies and magical creatures. One that takes place in an entirely different world where the setting can be as imaginative as I’m capable of making it. So, if you’re a fan of fantasy, this is the perfect series for you! The Dragon Brides consists of four separate series: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  And each of the four elements consists of four parts. Each part of the serial will be approximately 40,000 words, for a total of approximately 150,000 words and each part of the set will be released every 3-4 weeks.

First up, Fire!

Fire Banner, Final

After a devastating Malesium attack on a dragon hatchery, a kindt of immature, sentient dragons, accompanied by their bonded human servants, have escaped to Elusia, fleeing their war-torn home world through a long-forgotten portal. Their only hope for survival is to take dragon brides, which will bestow on them badly needed powers and abilities. Before they can do so, the leader of the Malesium forces, Prince Heir Sedir Dulenti, accesses the portal and brings through his army, bent on destroying the last dragons in the kindt before they can find their Evermates.

To the Malesium, sentient dragons are abominations and must be destroyed before they wipe out all of humankind.

To the people of Elusia, dragons are revered. The greatest possible honor bestowed on a woman is to become a dragon bride.

All that changes when Serafina, a future dragon bride, disobeys the most sacred of all dragon laws. She secretly watches the final mystic ceremony that forever bonds a True Mate to her dragon. What she witnesses changes everything. Barely escaping with her life, she joins the Malesium forces, intent on helping them rid Elusia of dragons for all time.

Only one man stands in her way: T’Kai, bondservant to the fire dragon, Kai. No matter what it takes, he intends to capture the fiery rebel and force her to become a Evermate — willing or not!




Scorched, Final CoverIt’s the first bonding ceremony between dragon and dragon bride in hundreds of years and Serafina, a future dragon bride, decides to secretly observe the ritual, despite her presence being forbidden by law. Instead of a romantic marriage, she is confronted with the fiery death of her best friend. Barely escaping with her life, Serafina realizes she is destined to meet the same hideous fate, unless she does something drastic to prevent it.  And so, she joins the Malesium invaders, determined to help them rid Elusia of all dragons.

T’Kai is desperate. After witnessing the shadow death of his brother in a bonding ceremony gone hideously awry, he is charged with finding an Evermate for his dragon. Even more urgent, T’Kai must figure out what went wrong before his own bonding ceremony, which must be completed during the next blue moon. If he, too, fails he will also experience the dreaded shadow death.

Prince Heir Sedir Dulenti d’Malesium is determined to turn the tide of the Malesium’s ongoing dragon war by killing the next generation of dragons before they have an opportunity to attain their full power and abilities. He traps them on the backwater world of Elusia, but fails to anticipate the presence of dragon brides, the source of a dragon’s transition from “Riven” to “Bounden,” from immature to mature dragon. But a secret weapon falls into his hands, a dragon bride who knows far more about the dragons and their secret ceremonies than any other living outsider.

Serafina becomes a pawn, forced against her will to give herself to the dragons as an Evermate in order to uncover that which the dragons will do anything to keep hidden. Sedir wants her for his spy, as a means to discover the dragons’ vulnerabilities and, through her, destroy them. The fire dragon, Kai, wants her for his Evermate. And the Bondservant, T’Kai, simply wants her. Serafina never anticipated she’d want him just as desperately. Or how badly her allegiances would be torn.

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And look for the other three parts of The Dragon Brides: Fire series


Ablaze, Final Cover


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.Seared, Final Cover

. Seared

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.Forged, Final cover

. Forged

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