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She thinks I'm all wrong for her.

I intend to prove just how right I am.

From desire to love to marriage...

She will be mine!


Welcome to The When Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right Series!


Funny, warmhearted, sexy Romantic Comedy series are my absolute favorite. I love reading them. I love writing them. And I always, always love a good laugh.  I hope you'll find these books amusing and enjoyable, a way to relieve some of life's drama and angst.  Sometimes we just need to be silly!  So spend a couple of hours with me enjoying these lighthearted stories!

So be warned!!

These stories features crazy, loveable characters of the two- and four-legged variety,

a  lot of wackiness, and a sizzling romance between soul mates.

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The entire When Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right series is


Mr Cowboy.png



Cami “Tex” Greenbush is 100% pure Texan, despite growing up in Virginia. Cowboying is in her blood. All she needs is one chance to prove it.

Holt Winston desperately needs a decent wrangler for his working Colorado dude ranch, and Tex Greenbush’s resume seems perfect.

The instant Cami “Tex” Greenbush arrives at Holt’s ranch, wearing a pink feathered Stetson and fringe hanging from every seam, he fires her on the spot. Unfortunately, they’ve agreed to a two-week trial and a cowboy—a real cowboy—is always true to his horse, his woman, and his word.

While Cami spends her days roping the ranch dog more often than the cows and dragging Holt through the mud, her sky-blue eyes and itty-bitty freckles have him kissing her as often as he wants to strangle her.


Maybe that’s because he doesn’t need a wrangler . . . but a wife.


Mr Bossman.png

BOOK #2: Mr. Bossman


If anything can go wrong . . .

It’s the story of Kit Mallory’s life. Born under an unlucky star, she’s always been a jinx. Since taking the position as head of Testing and Research at The Toy Company, it’s only gotten worse. Whether it’s blowing up the lab, accidently annihilating her boss with killer missiles, or starting a three-alarm fire, if anything can go wrong, it definitely will!

Stephen “the Iceman” St. Clair is at his wit’s end dealing with the endless disasters caused by his newest employee. He’d fire her if not for one small problem . . . . He can’t keep his hands off her. From the moment they first meet, the Iceman has been on fire. One way or another, he intends to have her—assuming she doesn’t jinx them both on the way to the bedroom!

But even when romance offers a promise of forever, a painful secret threatens to part them permanently. It’s up to Kit to find a way to turn disaster into destiny. All she has to do is find a way to melt an Iceman’s heart.


Mr Efficiency.png
Mr Professor.png

BOOK #3: Mr. Efficiency


Handsome, efficiency-expert Julian Lord lives an orderly existence. And that means living by a set of unbreakable rules. Following the death of his great-aunt Maudie, Julian must return to his childhood home at Willow’s End in order to settle her estate. Unfortunately, the chaos that ensues breaks every last rule and turns orderly into mayhem.

First there’s Maudie’s young and beautiful caretaker, Callie. Ms. Disorganization herself, couldn’t say “no” to all the demanding people surrounding her if her life depended on it. Then there’s Brutus, Callie’s 200-pound St. Bernard, who thinks he’s human. Not to mention his aunt’s two juvenile delinquent fosters bent on tearing apart her house in search of her missing will.

While Julian attempts to tame the juvenile delinquents, explain to Brutus that he’s just a dog (despite evidence to the contrary), and instill rules and order on the crazy household, Callie is dedicated to un-taming him, proving Brutus is as human as the rest of them, and breaking each and every rule.

Then there’s the small issue of the two falling deeply, crazily, madly in love!

Of course, no one can tame Brutus. Watching all the craziness come together is simply too fascinating for the humongous beast, especially since he knows exactly where the will is hidden.

Too bad the old boy isn’t talking . . . !


BOOK #4: Mr. Professor


Zach Kingston, physics professor and famous ghost debunker, despises con-artists who profit from ghostly scams. And he isn’t about to change his mind just because this scammer’s drop-dead gorgeous and offers the most seductive kisses. Ever.

Rachel Avery is just trying to save her family home. And no nasty, rotten — surprisingly handsome — cynic can change that. If only he weren’t so damn sexy. And if only he didn’t offer the most seductive kisses. Ever.

But they have a deal, witnessed by the media: If Zach can’t scientifically disprove her ghost by Halloween, Rachel wins.

Then Zach meets Rachel’s grandmother and discovers the real reason the Averys are so desperate to sell their story.

Too bad his reputation is on the line . . .


Mr Dad.png

BOOK #5: Mr. Dad


When enchanting, loveable Meriwyn is kicked out of her pixie tribe weeks before Christmas and forced to live as a human, she goes to work for tough, pragmatic engineer, Reeve Lambert, caring for his motherless children.  She cherishes everything about her new life, despite the hilarious mishaps with all things electrical and modern. More than anything, she loves the children almost as much as she loves their sexy father, even though that love is forbidden.


Reeve doesn’t know what to make of adorable Meriwyn. From her odd speech pattern and ability to charm all two- and four-legged creatures, to her confusion over the basics of everyday life, to her innocent passion, she’s become an irreplaceable part of his family. His children want her as a forever mother . . . and so does he.


But Meriwyn can’t do forever, not with a human. And when she discovers Reeve’s actions will unintentionally destroy her home and people, she must choose between the humans and their needs, and the very existence of her tribe. Not that there’s any real choice. If the humans have their way, the pixies will die. Somehow she must stop Reeve without his discovering who she is and where she comes from . . . or that their love can never be.


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