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The Salvatore Brothers

Six sexy Italian-American brothers, ready to win their soul mates.

The Salvatore Brothers will charm, tempt, seduce … or even wed and bed.

They’ll do whatever it takes to find their bride.

And when they say whatever it takes, they mean absolutely anything!


You might need a scorecard…!

Grace Barnes is pretending to be ugly so her gorgeous boss, Luc Salvatore, won't fall in love with her—or she with him.  She's even pretending to be engaged to the nonexistent Will-William.  It's worked for almost a year, which is how long she needs to work in order to fund her own business.  Maybe Grace would have succeeded if unwed mother Carina Donati hadn't dumped her son on Luc and taken off for Italy.  Not that Tony is Luc's.  No, Tony belongs to Luc's youngest brother (of five), Brand, who takes off after Carina.

When the police arrive, Luc tells them he and Grace are engaged and babysitting his nephew for a few hours.  A bit of a fib since Tony's parents aren't married and, oops, the baby is really a girl . . . Toni, short for Antonia.  Who knew, considering the Salvatores haven't fathered a daughter in more generations than Toni has toes.  That would have been fine if the police hadn't returned and discovered Tony is really Toni, and that it isn't a few hours they'll be babysitting, but a few days, and that Brand and Carina aren't really married.  They take Toni and turn her over to CPS.  When CPS shows up, Luc charms the woman, telling her that he and Grace are married.

Got all that?  They're boss and assistant at work, engaged for the police, married for CPS, and just good friends in front of Luc's irrepressible family.

Then Luc's father, Dom, returns from a nine-month sojourn in Italy.  He knows they're not married and assumes Toni is Grace and Luc's.  Maybe they’d have skated by that if they hadn't allowed nature to take its course.  Or if Grace's father hadn't interrupted them.  Did I mention that Grace's father is a minister?  No?  Well, as you can imagine that didn't go down well.  So now Luc insists they marry for real.  And Grace would . . . if only Luc loved her. 


There's only way to convince her and that is to say the three little words he's never said to any other woman:  I love you.

Hanna Tyler is at her wit’s end. Everyone in the picturesque town of Hidden Harbor is intent on finding her a husband. It doesn’t matter whether she actually wants one. Thanks to all her hard work on their behalf, they want to ensure she gets her happily-ever-after.

Hanna’s solution? Attend the Beaumonts’ masquerade Cinderella Ball—where attendees meet and marry all in one night—and choose a temporary husband. Maybe that will resolve her problem.

Matteo Salvatore, who is visiting the Beaumonts on business, has no interest in their Cinderella Ball, let alone meeting and marrying, especially in one night. It’s a ludicrous idea. Or so he thinks right up until he sees a beautiful, feathered swan princess and realizes she’s his soul mate.

What Matteo doesn’t anticipate is that his beautiful bride believes more in practicality than love. Can he strip away her barriers and convince her that true love does exist and can be found in his arms and in his bed?



“I have a very simple business proposition for you, Mr. Salvatore. I want you to marry me.”

Dante Salvatore. A man embroiled in scandal. A man without honor. A thief. A liar. A pariah. Or so everyone claims.

Penelope “Nellie” Wentworth considers him perfect for her plan. She needs a husband—fast—and Dante possesses all the perfect assets. She’ll get what she needs and he’ll regain his lost reputation. It’s practical. Beneficial to them both. Logical.

But one look at Nellie and Dante realizes he doesn’t want practical or logical. He wants Nellie with his ring on her finger and her backside in his bed.

Even more, he wants love! Now he just has to ensnare and convince his lover.

Christmas arrives on D’Angelo’s doorstep just in time for a brutal snowstorm. Only Christmas is a gorgeous woman, with a baby in arms. A baby she claims is his and her late sister’s.

Only one problem … Angel has no memory of having an affair with Chris’s sister. And yet … each night, misty dreams haunt him. Of a woman he’s never met, but loves with all his heart. A woman he’d do anything to find.

But maybe he doesn’t have to look too far. Maybe no further than the woman Santa left on his doorstep.


Brand Salvatore has no interest in finding love again. He found passion with his late wife, Carina and has no interest in experiencing that much drama ever again. What he wants is a plain, practical woman willing to help raise his daughter. The Cinderella Ball offers the perfect opportunity to find the perfect woman.


Plain, practical Addie Merryweather longs for one thing—a passionate, once-in-a-lifetime love affair. And she’s determined to find it at the Cinderella Ball. There she meets and tumbles head over heels for cold, remote Brand. She’s certain she can free the “beast” from the ice-cold shell in which he’s encased himself.

He demands a passionless relationship. She requests just one thing… That her husband seduce her, make love to her, allow her to experience desire and passion … just for one night.

But will one night turn into every night?

Soren Salvatore, the family “troubleshooter” follows his brother, Brand, to the Cinderella Ball, intent on stopping him from marrying. Instead, he sees a familiar face in the crowd, Poppy Jones, the girl he used to protect during their school years.

Poppy has never fit in. For some reason, she exists out of step with everyone else, particularly men. On a whim, she purchases a ticket to the Cinderella Ball, trusting in fate to find the perfect husband for her. And fate delivers in the form of the man she’s always loved from afar—Soren Salvatore.

When he sweeps her off her feet and insists they marry, she assumes he’s fallen for her, too. Little does she realize he’s once again slipped into his role as protector and married her to “save her from herself.” Doesn’t he realize she doesn’t want or need him to take care of her?


She just needs him to love her.


The Salvatore Brothers will charm, tempt, seduce … or even wed and bed. They’ll do whatever it takes to find their bride. And when they say whatever it takes, they mean absolutely anything!

The Boxset Includes:

  • HOW TO: Hide a Baby

  • HOW TO: Bare Your Bride

  • HOW TO: Ensnare Your Lover

  • HOW TO: Marry Christmas

  • HOW TO: Seduce Your Wife

  • HOW TO: Lure Your Mate

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