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Touched  by  Tylerville

The home you always wanted

with the town family you always needed,

where miracles happen and happily ever after is guaranteed.

A Tylerville Christmas, png.png
How much do you love your spouse?

Will is determined to do whatever it takes to save his wife, Faith, and heal her heartache, even if it means pulling off the biggest deception of his life. With the help of his magical hometown, Tylerville, a surprise baby on the doorstep, three orphaned children, and a soul-deep love, Will and Faith discover that Christmas truly is the time for miracles.

A Tylerville Christmas is the first book in the contemporary romance series Touched by Tylerville and was previously available in the Dear Santa, I Really Tried boxed set. Written by USA Today bestselling author, Day Leclaire and her daughter-in-law, Dre Leclaire, this tale of love and redemption is guaranteed to fill you with the holiday spirit.

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The only luck Abby Rose has ever known is bad luck. Plan her wedding? Get dumped at the altar and discover he took her car to take off with the new girl. Bleach her hair? Accidentally melt it all off and turn it a fabulous shade of oopsie-daisy pink. Open a Bed & Breakfast? Host only a curmudgeonly cat named Dove that will assuredly consume her body in the event of her demise.

Abby knows better than to expect happiness. The closest she ever came to finding it was the hot rebound relationship with Irish actor, Chase Falcon, on the heels of her “jilting.” Just when she thinks things are looking up, Chase disappears from her life. She’s got nothing but time now and room for a lot of bad, bad choices holed up in her Bed & Breakfast in Tylerville.
Then an ill-wind blows in the super sexy and talented Irish actor who broke her heart. Chase Falcon is carrying the scars of a terrible on-set accident … and no memory of her! Now all bets are off.

Nothing says Christmas like a snow cannon that shoots flames, family mayhem, and finding the true meaning of the season, with a lot of love thrown in.

But, there’s still magic to be had!

Emma Walters is a simple woman with simple needs—job stability, a paycheck to share with her struggling mom and brother back home, and enjoying the occasional laugh. It’s that last part that gets her in serious hot water. When she laughs at the antics of her boss’ youngest son, a teenage boy with the social skills of a neanderthal, she’s forced to handle the worst possible assignment she could imagine… Recruit the CEO’s eldest son back to the family business at all costs. She can’t afford to fail—her job, her apartment, and her family’s financial security depend on her succeeding.

Alistair Dennison, Jr., or Al as his friends like to call him, is the town’s Santa. He’s spent his life helping mankind, not helping line corporate’s pockets. But then his father sends an irresistible blonde spy, dressed in the worst looking elf costume he’s ever seen, to tempt him to the dark side. His solution? Turn her into his personal Mrs. Claus and show her the true meaning of Christmas.

But with the clock ticking down and the heat rising, which side will win in a battle that’s becoming more and more dangerous to their hearts?

Happy endings are a lie, and Laurel Samuels knows better than to fall for them. Struggling to hold her family together as her mother faces a life-threatening illness and her teenage daughter goes wild, Laurel is desperately holding on to the only pieces of her world that make sense, the love of her family and that of her hometown. But when the soldier who abandoned her, just before she found out she was pregnant, makes his way back into her life, everything collides. He’s haunted her dreams for the last fifteen years, and not all of them were nightmares.

Dan Walters has lived a soldier’s life, traveling the world and serving his country for the last fourteen years, until an accident left him injured and unable to serve. Almost a year after the accident, he’s made peace, mostly, with the loss of his profession as he returns to civilian life. When a private investigator shows up on his doorstep with documents pointing him back to an unknown family in Tylerville, his world takes an unexpected turn. The woman he loved, who had never left his heart, needs him.

Will true love find a way to forgive deception, suffering, and tragedy? Only in Tylerville … where miracles are the norm.

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