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The Magic of Christmas is found within her Christmas wish . . .



Her Christmas Wish . . .

Maddie Wallace spent most of her youth in foster care, where she planned a bright, shiny future for herself, one far different from the dark, difficult years she experienced as a child. Now she’s on the cusp of achieving the perfect life, one painfully cultivated over the years from internet and magazine photos, right down to the family she hopes to create with her almost-fiancé Tucker. All she has to do is cook the perfect Christmas Eve dinner in order to get him to propose, and her dreams will become reality. Only one small detail stands in her way . . . .

She has absolutely no idea how to cook.

Her solution? Attend a Christmas auction and purchase sexy Chef Joe Milano to teach her what she needs to know. He’s perfect in every possible way, including some she hadn’t anticipated.

Joe has no objection to giving Maddie a few pointers on how to finesse her special dinner. But what he doesn’t anticipate is how utterly lacking she is in all culinary skills. The woman can’t even boil water without burning it! More horrifying is the complicated dinner she’s cut from a magazine and never even tasted, and yet expects to serve in a few short weeks.

But the final disaster comes when he realizes that almost-engaged Maddie is his soul mate. How can he teach her to fix a dinner meant to seduce another man when he’s the only man he wants her to seduce? Besides, whether she realizes it or not, he’s her Christmas wish. And he’s going to do everything he can to prove perfection isn’t a photo in a magazine, but a hot, spicy Italian with all the trimmings!

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