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Men of Passion

What happens when powerful Men of Passion find the woman they want?
They’ll do anything to keep her!

Men of Passion, Book 1, His Princess.png

His Princess

Alyssa’s My-Life-Sucks List:

  1. Forced to fly to the European kingdom of Verdonia to bail my mom out… Again.

  2. Discovered I’m a frigging princess! (Should have led with that, but it’s not as cool as you might think. I get it, Meghan. I get it!!)

  3. Told I had to marry this mean prince or else… (They have actual dungeons in Verdonia and I am not a dungeon kind of girl!)

  4. Kidnapped at the altar and on the run with a man who leaves me shaking with desire. (Don’t you just hate when that happens?!?)


Merrick’s Saving-the-Kingdom List:

  1. Coffee. Must have coffee. (Hey, even super heroes need a kickstart in the morning.)

  2. Okay. Much better. Time to kidnap a princess to maintain the political balance of Verdonia. (Yeah, yeah. Honor, country, and duty. Sounds like BS, but I take those things seriously. So, she’s getting kidnapped.)

  3. Keep hands to self. (No, really. KEEP HANDS TO SELF!)

  4. Screw it.

  5. Marry the princess and then I don’t have to keep hands to self. (Problem solved and country saved.)

His Mistress

Julianna’s List of Secrets:

  1. I have lousy taste in men. (Which explains why I let one ruin my career.)

  2. I’m operating under a secret alias. (My career fail was so epic, I’m globally blacklisted!)

  3. I meet Prince Charming at an actual ball (aka Lander Montgomery) and don’t even realize it! I kind of think I love this guy, but I’ll ruin his life if he discovers my true identity. (See #2!)

  4. If I marry Lander, I could cost him his kingdom. (See #1-3!)

Lander’s Save-the-Kingdom List:

  1. Save my kingdom at all costs. (No matter what it entails!)

  2. Taking Juliana for my mistress is a bad political move right now. At the very least, don’t fall in love with her. (Seriously. Don’t. Do. It!!)

  3. Agree to marry a woman who will solve the country’s financial crisis. (Thank God it’s Juliana!)

  4. Don’t tell Juliana marrying her will save my country in case she takes it the wrong way. (Crap! She took it the wrong way!!)

Men of Passion, Book 3, His Wife.png

His Wife

Miri’s List of Secrets:

  1. I’m a lousy princess. (I’m not at all sweet, demur, or princessy.)

  2. I’ve had a thing for Prince Brandt for as long as I can remember. I thought he loved me, too. Right up until I left him hanging the night we planned to do The Deed. (For some reason, guys don’t take that well.)

  3. I secretly helped kidnap and replace the woman Brandt was marrying for political gain. He thought he’d married Alyssa. Instead, he married me. (Did I mention that I’m not at all sweet, demur, and princessy??)

  4. Now I must convince him to keep me. (Note to Self: Order Using Your Womanly Wiles 101 from Amazon.)

Brandt’s List to Become King:

  1. Marry Princess Alyssa. (Don’t think of Miri. You can’t have her. Just bite the bullet and marry Alyssa.)

  2. Consummate marriage. (Okay, making love to Alyssa was actually amazing. How is that possible?)

  3. Wait. Alyssa is married to Merrick. (Who the hell did I marry?!?)

  4. Find my wife. (And never let her go!)

His Bargain


Diandra’s Make-Him-Beg Playlist:


  1. I might’ve/sort’ve abandoned Jonas on the night of our engagement ball. Oops. Still living that down five years later.

  2. I don’t need a man (aka Jonas) helping me, despite the fact I’m being blackmailed, extorted, and might be responsible for my parents’ death. Okay, actually I do need Jonas.

  3. I might have made a scandalous bargain to sleep with Jonas in exchange for his help. And I refuse to admit how much I’m going to enjoy holding up my end of the bargain!

  4. I just need to know he loves me as much as I love him. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

Jonas’s Runaway-Bride-Payback Playlist:

  1. Diandra’s back and this time she’s not running away, even if I have to keep her tied to me with the most outrageous bargain I could come up with! Hey, she agreed, didn’t she?

  2. Okay, she slept with me. Now I’m wondering who seduced whom … and how I can tempt her to the bargaining table again.

  3. Take care of Diandra’s nasty little extortion problem. (As if I wouldn’t deal with anyone hurting her, bargain or no bargain.)

  4. I just need to admit that I’ve always loved her.

    His Bargain is the fourth book in the contemporary romance series Men of Passion written by Day Leclaire. Fair warning! This story includes blackmail, deception, seduction—both successful and not, and a ton of romance. If you’re looking for a story featuring bold, passionate men and the women captivated by them, purchase your copy today!

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